CLIPPER CUT: The Shorter, The Better!

Welcome the slay-est hair style this fall we’ve seen on Kim K, Kylie, Selena to Cara. Yas, we bring you The Clipper Cut to you! Chopping off women’s locks using men’s clippers to get that perfect blunt straight lob or bob is just hawt.

The shorter, the better!

Welcome back to the 90’s!

Ready, set, snap your 90’s look!

Bring back the Demi Moore from The Ghost style!

Long-sharp-cutting rocks!

Sicker than your average! :p

Just cut it out! #clippercut


Female: IDR 250K (include wash & blow dry)

Male: IDR 100K (include wash & dry)



As seen on goddess of slay: KKW

And her lil sis too !

Asymmetric bob is dope as well as straight bob.

We are obsessed with this straight, swag, and surprisingly low-maintenance bob hair!

With this hair, we definitely save time to get ready in the morning …

And we love how clipper cut hair wavy looks effortlessly chic.

Again, effortlessly chic look with clipper cut bob


Wave that blunt lob & you will be supriseeeed

Cara knocks it off – we can’t get off from her savage blunt bob


Credit: Pinterest & BloBar

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