Beware of Black!

Your hair was dyed black? We are sorry to hear that!


Despite all hair brands tell us about beauty standard is “long volumized black shiny hair”, you need to know that black-dye is the strongest among all colour that goes deep into root. As effect, we can’t help to colour your hair to brighter trendy colour, e.g. ombré, balayage, baby light like below

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.41.38 PM

If your hair was dyed black in past 2 years, that’s a very difficult case and we can’t help. Even several bleaching won’t change the hair pigment much but damage your hair. As result, the new hair colour will not look good entirely & you will see black shade in several parts, and lighter shade in another part. Big no no.

Best you can do is waiting until your black hair fade naturally & thoroughly. You can also try this smart & easy TIPS to saturate your dyed black hair fast!

Hope this article helps you to make wise decision before dye your hair black though it’s very temptiiiiing. LOL


Image courtesy: BloBar Client & Pinterest

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