About Us

Who Is BloBar?

BloBar isn’t just a salon. It’s a small hair parlour where girls have their quality time they deserved and walk out feel pretty and fabulous. Blobar is named after iconic habit of girls, blowdry that takes place in a bar where girls treasure their beauty and recharge their mood. At BloBar, you can have your dream hair with reasonable price every day. BloBar
understands you want to look fabulous whenever opportunity knocks your door, from prom, graduation, birthday, bachelorette party, to me-time.

Pssttt, pretty hair makes girls feel beautiful, instanty!

Who Are We?

The idea to create instant beauty for girls was born from young entrepreneurs of Prasetiya Mulya Business School since beginning of 2014. What we are really selling is self-esteem and confidence from pretty hair.

Merrie Elizabeth

The founder has spent several years in FMCG industries across Asia & Europe, from female shoes brand to cigarettes. Grown up in her grandmother’s beauty salon, she is always passionate to create beauty and currently overlooks BloBar business development with strategic partners.

Ninda Ramandiani

The co-founder and has extensive portfolio in several leading fashion & lifestyle industries such as GAP and MAP. Strong in marketing communication, she coordinates BloBar publication in various channels to keep people talking about us.