Hair Gloss – The Quick Hair Retouch

We love vibrant colors as much as you do! With proper care and patience, you can keep your summer hair always shiny and vibrant.

Bright colors like unicorn, grey, rose gold hair wash out easily so you need to do more to protect your locks!

Worry not cos we have Hair Gloss – The Quick Hair Retouch for your colored hair. Say bye to yellow brassy hair!

Hair Gloss is a special treatment for coloured hair or bright yellow bleached hair by nourishing & covering the faded hair.

Be noted, Hair Gloss is not the same with hair coloring. It’s a post-coloring treatment that last maximum 3-4 weeks only. For best result of long lasting colored-hair, Hair Gloss can be repeated every two 2-3 weeks and it only takes 1-1.5 hours for treatment.

ALL BRIGHT COLOR can be gloss-ed, except brunette.
Before & After Hair Gloss

Rose Gloss: From yellow-bleached to rose-peach hair

Grey Gloss: Bored with previous Rose Gold ? Why not trying ultimate Grey color?

Grey Gloss: No more yellow brassy hair.

Take a chance to try Blue Hair Gloss

Psst, we also have the ultimate Purple Hair Gloss


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